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CampusChat is a web-based platform designed to help you navigate the complexities of dating, sex, and relationships on college campuses.

Through collections of interactive stories that are sometimes funny and sometimes dramatic, follow CampusChat’s cast of characters

and level up your love life.

Explore tricky situations and practice making tough choices.

Learn alongside characters as they experience relationship successes and missteps.

Up your sexual IQ with a library of topic-specific resources vetted by seasoned sexuality educators.

CampusChat follows the lives of college students with questions just like yours…

How do you deal with requests for nudes?

When is it time to go to the ER?

Is that supposed to be painful?

How can I tell if she’s into

Is this condom on wrong?

Is it the right time to come out?

…and so much more

Meet The Bot

Googling your sex and relationship questions is risky; it can yield an incomplete picture — and this stuff is too important to get wrong.

Meet the Sex Ed Sam Bot, a fictional bot who characters text when they need reliable, fact-based information about sex and wellness. The Bot decodes unfamiliar concepts and answers questions with relevant examples, resources, stats, diagrams, and more.

Characters who are figuring out the same things you are…

Meet David and Mikey, best friends on the hockey team who are trying to get through freshman year while navigating the world of dating, relationships, and sex. David gets a crash course in birth control as his girlfriend Jessica tries to find the right one, while Mikey would be happy just to get a condom on properly.

Jessica’s roommate Melissa has a sister in med school who often comes to their aid with a fresh take and practical information; Josh is eager to get things right when it comes to his crush; after meeting a new guy, Marcus wonders if he should come out.

CampusChat follows the lives of dozens of college students who are tackling the same challenges you are. Through a timeline of overlapping stories, they learn how to support each other, avoid relationship red flags, communicate with partners, and much, much more.

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